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DUROmd offers a line of super-effective alarm systems that will keep thieves at bay. Vehicle Marking: Sherlock® Intensive Antitheft Marking has been recognized as the best defence against car theft (according to the April 2002 issue of Protégez-vous magazine, "Comment choisir son antivol" [Choosing an antitheft device], study commissioned by the Groupement des assureurs automobiles). Your vehicle will be marked with a sandblasting tool or electric burin on 52 different parts, as well as in confidential and hidden locations. It's an excellent deterrent -the markings are visible to the naked eye - as well as an effective crime prevention measure, since it allows stolen goods to be identified, seized, and the thief prosecuted.

Tracking systems: In Canada, a vehicle is stolen every 3 minutes, on average, representing a total of 170,000 stolen vehicles a year. If your vehicle is stolen, these devices allow your vehicle to be quickly located and recovered. The system developed by Boomerang Tracking is at the cutting edge of technology. Using cellular telecommunications networks, it offers very good geographical coverage. We offer you Boomerang Espion Alert.

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