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DUROmd vitres d'autos offers you fast, courteous, affordable service for your windshield repair and auto glass replacement needs. With more than 50 stores in Québec, DUROmd is the auto glass specialist, in addition to offering products and services, such as antitheft devices , remote starters and other car accessories.


A damaged or cracked windshield or car window is a hazard to your safety. You should know that, in many cases, it is possible to repair the windshield, rather than replace it. To prevent cracks from spreading, however, it is important to act fast by injecting the crack with a special colorless resin. If your windshield cannot be repaired, at DUROmd, we have the know-how to remplace your car windows : windshield, side and rear windows.

DUROmd Antitheft

DUROmd offers a series of super effective car alarms, antitheft devices and circuit disablers that will keep car thieves at bay. Among these, DUROmd holds the license for the Sherlock Intensive Antitheft Marking system, the world's most recognized auto theft prevention measure, which consists in engraving the principal parts of your vehicle, thus reducing its value on the black market.

DUROmd Starters

At DUROmd, we offer several remote starter models, including the popular Orbit brand. You can use your remote starter to warm your vehicle interior in cold weather, and cool it in hot weather (provided you have air-conditioning).

DUROmd Accessories

DUROmd also offers Aquapel windshield treatments to waterproof your windshield and improve your visibility. To improve your visibility in the rain, high quality windshield wipers are a must. DUROmd offers a full line of windshield wipers for your car. DUROmd offers navigation systems with GPS positioning, computerized maps, and a video monitor to track your position. Finally, DUROmd offers bicycle racks, which are ideal for biking enthusiasts and vacationers looking for an easy way to carry their bikes.

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