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Save by repairing your windshield

Why repair a windshield?

  • A damaged windshield reduces the quality of your vision and can make driving hazardous.
  • A repair can save you a lot of money. And if you are insured, in most cases, it will be free!
  • By repairing windshields, DUROmd is helping to reduce the number of windshields that end up in landfills.

Did you know that, in most cases, a repair will not affect your insurance premium?

At DUROmd vitres d'autos, we use the very best windshield repair system: the Glass Medic system, an automatic repair system that is exclusive to DUROmd. This repair system uses a compressor to remove air from cracks and fissures, before injecting them with clear liquid resin. The result: the repaired glass is as strong as it was originally, allowing the windshield to fulfill its crucial protective role.

Tips from DUROMAX to determine whether your windshield is repairable:
  • If the circumference of the crack or fracture is no larger than a Twooney.
  • If the fracture is not located in the driver's field of vision
  • If the damage to the windshield is limited to the outer layer of glass.
  • If the crack or fracture does not extend into the ceramic strip (black-gray border). The point of impact must be a minimum of 3 cm from the visible border of the class.

There are a number of types of repairable breaks:

  • the bee's wing
  • the bull's eye
  • the clover leaf
  • the star
  • the half moon
  • the combination

But don't wait, since the smaller and more recent the break, the better your chances of having your windshield repaired.

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