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Windshield replacement At DUROmd, we respect windshield replacement safety standards A windshield replacement must meet standards FMVSS212, FMVSS216 and FMVSS208 (Federal Motor Vehicles Safety Standards), for your safety and that of your passengers: - Standard FMVSS212 tests windshield retention in frontal crashes to prevent the ejection of occupants from the vehicle. - Standard FMVSS216 tests roof crush resistance. - Standard FMVSS208 tests airbag protection. 1. URETHANES At DUROmd, we use Sika® urethane exclusively. Sika® is the leading manufacturer of windshield replacement adhesives. Warranties Windshield installation at DUROmd vitres d'autos is guaranteed against leaks. We also guarantee our windshields against manufacturing defects. And don't worry, when replacing or repairing your vehicle windows, DUROmd will also file your insurance claim for you. ProtecPlusMC All windshield replacements are eligible for the ProtecPlusMC extended warranty. With ProtecPlusMC, you are entitled to free and unlimited windshield repairs for three years with the same insurance provider. What's more, the ProtecPlusMC warranty is free when you claim your replacement through your insurance. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that ProtecPlusMC is helping you keep your windshield safe longer. Ask for details in-store. For more information, call 1 800 DUROMAX.

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