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Let DUROmd keep you warm this winter At DUROmd, we offer several remote starter models, including the well-known Orbit brand. Use your remote starter to warm your car interior in winter and cool it down in summer (provided you have air conditioning). Note that, at DUROmd, we install remote starters on vehicles with standard transmissions.

remote unidirectionnelONE-WAY REMOTE STARTER

  • Works up to 3000 feet*

  • 2 remotes included

  • Intagreted basic alarm system**


remote bidirectionnelTWO-WAY REMOTE STARTER

Opt for a two-way remote starter - The two-way remote starter, unlike the one-way starter, sends confirmation of the vehicle start-up or the locking/unlocking of vehicle doors. The FM frequency has a much longer range, as well as the power to transmit through thick walls.

  • Works up to 6000 feet*

  • Visual and audio confirmation of vehicle commands

  • Backlighting and high-intensity blue signal light

  • Long-distance FM frequency starter


*Available on certain vehicles only. **Extra option. Available for vehicles with standard or automatic transmission. Installation not included. Regular options(door and dome light connection, replacement of original vehicle remote, multivehicle operation) are available with all products. Three-year warranty on main unit and one-year warranty on remote. Optional additional remote available.

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